Elon Musk shares first full-body photo of SpaceX’s spacesuit

Elon Musk has shared a photo of the SpaceX spacesuit the company has designed in-house. This is the second photo shared by Musk of the new spacesuit design created by the company, and the first to feature the suit’s full-body look.

The first photo focused on the head and shoulders of the outfit, depicting the full tinted face mask of the helmet, and the angular shoulders and black and white design. This one puts the suit into context next to the Crew Dragon capsule, which is the vehicle staff wearing the suit will use to make the trip on SpaceX’s first crewed launches.

Astronaut spacesuit next to Crew Dragon

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This full-length shot of the suit reveals the glove and boot design for the first time, along with the pants, which feature flex zones in the knee area for mobility when bending. It also looks like there are similar padded areas in the back in black to help provide comfort while seated in the capsule.

The boots looks fairly lightweight, probably also optimized for mobility. These suits aren’t designed for extra-vehicular activity (EVA) after all – they’re created to protect the astronauts while they’re in the capsule, and when moving over to other vehicles (like the ISS) under pressurized conditions, rather than being exposed to vacuum.

Here’s the earlier helmet shot: