Datadog acquires to add log management to its cloud monitoring platform

The popular cloud monitoring service Datadog today announced that it has acquired the Paris-based, a platform-agnostic service for querying and visualizing logs to monitor and troubleshoot online services. Datadog plans to integrate Logmatic’s tools with its existing platform, which currently focuses more on application performance monitoring (APM) and integrations with various cloud and SaaS providers.

The addition of Logmatic, the company argues, will make it the first vendor to offer APM, infrastructure metrics and log management on a single platform.

“Integrating logs with the APM and Infrastructure monitoring we already provide is an important step in the evolution of the monitoring and analytics category,” said Olivier Pomel, Datadog’s CEO, in a canned statement. “Our new integrated platform will simplify the monitoring of modern applications that often span clouds, containers, IoTs and mobile devices. It will also unlock new A.I. and machine learning based capabilities to help customers manage and improve their applications and businesses.”

Logmatic says that it will continue to support its current customers and that it will offer them a migration path to Datadog once its log management tools have been fully integrated into the Datadog platform.

Datadog has raised a total of $147.9 million since its launch in 2010. This is only its second acquisition, though. Back in 2015, it acquired Mortar, a company that focused on helping its customers build their data pipelines and custom big data applications. Datadog declined to comment on how much it paid for Logmatic, which had raised just over $1 million since it launched in 2014.