Watch Netflix’s new trailer for ‘The Magic School Bus Rides Again’

Netflix is ready to reboot The Magic School Bus, the classic kid-focused cartoon depicting far out field trips that probably made your grade school trips to the local pioneer village feel even more pedestrian by comparison.

The new Netflix series, called The Magic School Bus Rides Again, once more focuses on a class at Walkerville School, but this time teach Ms. Frizzle is passing the baton to her sister, voiced by Kate McKinnon.

That classic theme song is also back, but it’s now sung by Hamilton creator and original cast member Lin-Manuel Miranda, which is already making it more of an earworm for me, personally.

The whole new series is available to stream on September 29, so strap in and get ready for a ride. Oh wait, school buses don’t have seatbelts. Or maybe they do now? I have no idea.