The Tortilla Drone is the flying robot we’ve all been waiting for

You’ve seen it all before: a drone takes off in an open field, everything is clear. The drone flies straight up for a moment then, on the way down, it hits a tree. A moment later the whole thing is a mess. Plastic everywhere, the motors whizzing and failing, a camera flinging off and into the bushes. Disaster!

But what if you could easily take that broken drone, fry it, and dip it into some fresh-made guacamole or queso? Now that’s something I can get behind.

Peter Sripol, a maker in Ohio, has done just that. He used tortillas as a structural element for an RC glider and ran a number of tests, rolling, pinning, and gluing the tortillas together until he got his glider to fly. Why? Because tortillas are delicious.

The plane-shaped drones didn’t work very well but keep watching to see one of the most amazing sights you’ll ever see – a flying wing tortilla drone lifted by a traditional drone and dropped. This solution, one of the most obvious, let the tortilla soar free as the Tortilla Maker intended.