Scotland plans to ‘phase out’ gas and diesel cars by 2032

Another country is looking to get rid of gas-powered vehicles entirely: Scotland, which wants to “phase out” new gas and diesel-powered cars entirely by 2032 (via The Independent). The Scottish government’s plan is set to beat the UK’s target by eight years, if all goes well, and also involves building out its roadway charging infrastructure to support the use of EVs instead.

The decision by Scotland to join in the effort to make cities and countries vehicle emission-free is not an isolated one. London has announced plans to become totally emission free by 2050, and France, Britain, Madrid and Mexico City have all made similar pledges, albeit with varying timeframes.

Some vehicle makers, likely anticipating a continued shift among international and municipal governments, have likewise outlined plans to move towards greener energy alternatives; Volvo is only going to make new hybrid and all-electric vehicles starting in 2019, and Aston Martin announced it plans to do the same beginning in the mid-2020s.