Google brings stickers and Bitmoji support to its Gboard for Android

Gboard for Android is getting support for stickers for all those times you just can’t find the right GIF. Words, after all, can’t always express how we really feel.

Gboard will allow you to insert stickers or Bitmoji¬†into any app that supports image pasting, which includes virtually all the popular messaging apps on Android. The company also worked with a few partners to launch sticker packs for Gboard. Most of these are free, but Disney is charging $1.99 for its Mickey Mouse, Toy Story and Star Wars stickers (“Use the force and respond to your conversations with high quality Star Wars stickers”). Other free packs include Google’s Allo selfie stickers, Hello Kitty, Garfield and NBAmoji.¬†Thankfully, you also can get free Minion stickers, because absolutely nobody is tired of seeing Minion memes yet.

To get started, users need to download one of these sticker packs and the stickers will then appear in Gboard, right next to the usual emoticon and GIF buttons.

A lot of this will feel familiar to iOS users. While Gboard for iOS doesn’t support stickers yet (though I would be surprised if Google didn’t launch some support for stickers on iOS in the future), stickers on iOS — and especially in iMessages — aren’t exactly a novelty anymore.