Watch this teaser for Amazon’s spooky new ‘Lore’ series

Perhaps you’ve heard of Lore if you’re a podcast fan – the long-running audio show from creator Aaron Mahnke has a strong following. Strong enough that it got picked up for an original TV series, which is set to debut on Amazon Prime Video on October 13, just in time for Halloween.

The six-episode TV series adaptation will mimic the podcast in form and content, with documentary-style retellings of creepy events and myths from throughout history. It pulls directly from stories Mahnke has told on the audio podcast, but cut with historical footage, animations and even dramatic reenactments including actors like Colm Feore to bring the best of the podcast to a visual format.

I’m personally a huge fan of Lore, which to me strikes just the right tone of mixing legend and verifiable reports to creep you way out without descending to the level of schlocky horror. Plus, if this works out, maybe it’ll prompt more original shows to make the leap from podcast to TV in future.