Tesla streaming music service hinted at in recent software update

Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself has dropped hints that the car and energy company wants to also offer its own musical solution for playlists in the car, and now we have more evidence that’s on its way. Electrek reports that software clues from the most recent updates pushed out to Tesla cars include a reference to a music service called “TTunes.”

There’s nothing there yet in terms of something users can actually try out for themselves, but it’s another indicator that Tesla is working on something around music or streaming within vehicles. Reports from late June indicated that Tesla was in talks with record labels around streaming rights, too, which is probably a sign that where there’s smoke with this software update clue, there’s fire.

Way back in early June, Elon Musk himself gave one of his trademark teaser comments around Tesla’s thinking on music during the company’s annual general shareholder meeting. Musk said that it’s “very hard to find good playlists or good matching algorithms” for driving using currently available software and streaming services, and also noted that we could expect an announcement from Tesla about fixing that problem later this year.

Tesla has an event coming up in September to reveal its electric semi truck, so maybe we’ll hear more about ‘TTunes’ or whatever it ends up being called then. Also please call it ‘TTunes’ because it’s very endearingly dumb.