Netflix’s ‘Bojack Horseman’ season 4 trailer is curiously devoid of Bojack


The trailer for Bojack Horseman‘s fourth season is here, and it shows a lot of what we can expect from the new episodes, which land on Netflix on September 8. What it doesn’t show, however is much of Bojack himself, who turns up only briefly at the end pulling up to a dilapidated cabin in a convertible.

If you’re not already a Bojack Horseman fan, you should be: This has consistently been one of the best TV shows around, animated or otherwise, with an emotional depth that you wouldn’t expect judging by its absurd visual veneer. And September 8 is right around the corner, so I’d get bingeing now if I happened to be behind on this terrific show.

Based on this trailer I’m excited to see what this season holds, so mission accomplished trailer makers. If it’s actually a Bojack-light season, that’ll be interesting, too, but I suspect it’s more of a narrative device employed for effect here.