After Magic Leap acquisition, Dacuda founder forms PXL Vision

Swiss startup Dacuda’s 3D scanning division was acquired by Magic Leap in February, but it seems the company’s founder, Michael Born, is just getting started with computer vision. He and three others who didn’t go over to the much-hyped and intensely secretive AR company have formed a new one: PXL Vision AG, focused on real-time image classification and object tracking.

The company’s flagship product is PXL Beam, a computer vision software stack aimed at a couple strong use cases: VR/AR, scanning documents and the sort of bulk tag-tracking you’d find in a warehouse or airport.

The latter cases are useful in everyday situations like onboarding, luggage and package tracking and so on, while of course vision-based VR/AR motion tracking is increasingly important in room-scale setups. Clearly PXL Vision has no problem going after prosaic but useful applications of CV tech.

Beyond that, little detail is available, but if the company’s tech was good enough to attract the attention of Magic Leap, you can bet we’ll be hearing more soon.