Netflix’s Stranger Things will be back for a third season

Stranger Things, the Netflix show that become a surprise megahit thanks to its appeal to 80s babies and mix of horror, charm and general weirdness, will return for a third season. The show’s second season has yet to arrive (it’s coming October 27th), but co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer told Vulture that the third season has been approved already.

Netflix likely has little to worry about in terms of the performance of the coming second season, after the success of the first and the immense response to season 2 trailers and teasers. The amazing thing is that so many potential venues for Stranger Things turned down the series before it found its home at Netflix, in part because of its odd genre blending.

The Duffer brothers also revealed in the extensive interview that they’re hoping the second season of the show feels more like a movie sequel than a TV series continuation, and they acknowledge that they have made it “a little bit bigger” as a result. They also revealed that there will likely be a fourth season, too, but that it doesn’t seem like the story will sustain any more instalments after that.

As much as I do enjoy Stranger Things, which has a phenomenal cast, great cinematics and amazing casting, I kind of hope it does end after four or so seasons, just to avoid it getting strained and potentially bad.