Code2040 is launching its flagship program in NYC

Code2040 is bringing its flagship Fellows program for black and Latinx students to New York City. As always, the goal is to increase access to opportunities for black and Latinx people in the tech industry and work toward closing the racial wealth gap in the U.S.

“Not only is New York home to a booming tech scene, it is also the center of our financial services and media industries, both of which are increasingly technology-centric,” Code2040 co-founder Laura Weidman Powers wrote on Medium.

Code2040’s Fellows program specifically places students in career-building workshops and internships at top tech companies. So far, Code2040’s partners in NYC include Spotify, Squarespace, Goldman Sachs, Jane Street and The New York Times.

“As every company (regardless of industry) becomes a tech company, it is critical for diversity and inclusion to be a central part of this transition,” she wrote.

Code2040 first launched its Fellows program in 2012. Since then, hundreds of black and Latinx students have gone through the summer career accelerator and have interned at companies like Apple, LinkedIn, Facebook and Jawbone.