Volkswagen’s electric Microbus successor set to go on sale in 2022

The VW Microbus is about as iconic as they come in the world of automobiles, and the I.D. Buzz is the electric, modern incarnation of that van Volkswagen introduced as a concept back in January. In June, the automaker surprised many by announcing the I.D. Buzz would eventually become a production vehicle, instead of just another concept destined to fade away in the mists of time.

Now, Volkswagen is confirming a sale date for the I.D. Buzz – 2022, via Roadshow, who got to spend some time tooling around in a functional concept prototype of the two-tone beach companion. That’s still quite a ways off, and a lot can happen between now and then, but it’s still going to give plenty of Microbus fans hoping for a modern, green version of the roadtrip standout they can actually buy.

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The I.D. Buzz has about 270 miles of range on its battery pack, which is a lot of miles between charges for those cross-country trips. VW also says it could manage to get around 369 horsepower out of its all-wheel drive motor system, which is a far cry from the original’s meek 25 HP or so. But the car isn’t about speed, really – its standout features include a reconfigurable interior that’s designed around planned autonomous capabilities.

The driver seat in the van can swivel all the way around for family card games, and the back seat configurations include the ability to clear out a middle row for ample stretching, leg and cargo space. It’s also got a nearly full length glass top for watching the stars while you recline in the back and let the Buzz drive itself.

Basically this is the car of my dreams, since anyone who knows me will tell you I love stupid boxy automobiles with an abundance of utilitarian interior space above almost all else. I also love EVs, and the fun they provide while driving, so it’ll be basically impossible to tear me away from this thing once it launches.