A Tesla owner shows his 97-year-old Grandpa a car from the future

Zac Carmi showed his 97-year-old grandfather his Tesla. His grandpa was pretty impressed. You can watch video of the adorable interaction below.

In what could be some of the cutest footage of a lovable grandpa discovering the future ever, Carmi loads his grandpa into the car and accelerates. Grandpa, obviously, says that “you gotta have a parachute” to drive this thing.

Tech folks showing their grandparents cool new tech has a historical precedent. I distinctly remember showing my Grandma my Atari 800XL graphics demos and her being impressed or, more likely, bemused at my excitement. Now, however, grandpa can hop in and motor down the street like a space astronaut, tapping on a massive screen to turn on the seat heater and the AC or watching the recharger work its magic. It’s a really sweet juxtaposition of the old and new and is a really nice little video for a lazy weekend.