Latest Xbox update begins rolling out to Xbox Insiders today


Xbox is changing up its user interface on Xbox in a major way again, and Xbox Insiders can check out the latest switch-em-up now. The new interface includes big changes for Xbox One users, as well as tweaks to Windows 10 PCs using the Xbox app.

The new interface focuses on a custom home screen that users can create themselves, which is a good way to hopefully help make that initial launch screen you find when you boot up your console more personally relevant. You can pin games and friends to home, and you can move the whole block of content up or down. Adding stuff to Home won’t just add the title itself, however – you’ll get a feed of blocks that are related including activity posts from a game’s developer or notifications when friends are playing, for instance.

Home, Social, and My Games and Apps screens are also now unified, with no unnecessary loading when you switch between them to call up additional assets, which is a nice change for people bothered by unnecessary visual fluff bogging down menu navigation. A pop-out guide now also features tabs for easily navigating to wherever you want to go, from wherever you happen to be in the Guide itself.

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Microsoft has also focused on rebuilding the community sharing experiences with a more immersive Activity Feed, and the Game Bar is improved in Windows 10 with a single button that allows you to enable or disable Game Mode (which optimizes system resources for game performance) and there are new more detailed settings for sharing audio when broadcasting via Mixer.

Microsoft sure seems to do a lot of rethinking with the Xbox interface, and it can be a jolt to players since once they’re used to one redesign, a new one seems to immediately take its place. As mentioned, these are rolling out for Insiders only for now, and will make their way to general users later this year alongside other major Xbox and Windows 10 updates. Meanwhile, all users can check out a more desirable piece of software for Xbox right now: Spotify.