The CJR Commander adds some aviationpunk to your wrist

Another weekend, another mechanical watch. This time we have the Commander from CJR, the company that brought us the Airspeed last year.

This unique piece features an unusual curved dial and rotor-like seconds wheel that harkens back to some strange alternate future where airplanes become sentient. Early bird watches cost $449 and come on a thick leather strap.

“The aircraft industry is all about innovation and this feature is something wonderfully unique. The traditional second hand of the Commander Series has been scrapped in favor of a second wheel. This wheel moves like the turbine of a plane and propels time forward. Not only is it very functional, but it is seriously cool to look at. Just like flying, time should never be boring,” wrote the creators.

You can see a few more hands-on photos here and check out the Kickstarter. They’ll start shipping pieces in January.

The piece is a “thing of rugged art” and is more aimed at design than specific precision. However, if you’re an aviation buff or just someone who wants to wear Starscream’s thyroid gland on your wrist, this might be the watch for you.