Mozoo acquires AdinCube, to create one ad platform for mobile publishers

Mobile publishers tend to struggle to optimise ad revenue and fill their mobile inventory, despite the abundance of options. What’s required is a one-stop solution for ad revenue optimisation that is simple to integrate and manage.

That’s the potential prospect with the acquisition today of French founded company AdinCube, in a deal claimed to be worth $20m. This is an AI-powered ‘in-app mediation technology’ which claims to predict supply and demand. It’s acquirer is Mozoo, a london-based mobile monetisation specialist.

Mozoo is essentially self-funded and growth has been driven by profitability. It did not raise funds to finance the deal, it borrowed money from banks (BNP Paribas and BPI France) and historical angel investors including Very and Alclan.

Mozoo received one round of seed investment back in 2011, which was less than a million. The $20m figure is comprised of upfront and earn outs in debt and convertibles. The rest, approximately 30% of the total, comes from shares of Mozoo. AdinCube had raised $1M “Non Equity Assistance”.

However, the deal mirrors another acquisition of a former YC company last year, Heyzap, which had raised $8 million in total, and was acquired by Germany company RNTS Media, for up to $45 million. As well as the old Heyzap, competitors for AdinCube the include Appodeal and AddAptr.

Mozoo says the the acquisition will enable it to significantly enhance its in-app monetisation offer on a global scale – providing publishers with full clarity and control over their ad revenue.

AdinCube’s optimisation technology is said to be pretty powerful. Etienne Rugeri (co-founder, CTO) spent six years of his career working for chartered airlines, optimising crucial operations and building business applications for pilots, before moving into ad-tech. Among many projects, Rugeri built automated platforms that would optimise fuel consumption for aircraft, statistically analysing the previous 2 years fuel usage to assist crews in deciding how much fuel to take on board for a certain journey, considering all possible variables.

Thus, AdinCube’s SDK uses predictive optimisation algorithms and multi -level machine learning to accurately predict the future – analysing every available demand source, buying metric, creative format and ad network in real-time.