Meet the feature pavilion startups at Disrupt SF

Every great Disrupt debuts fantastic startups and this September 18-20 Disrupt SF will be no exception. TechCrunch has selected 30 outstanding early-stage companies that will be featured in specific category Pavilions in Startup Alley and will present their products on our Showcase Stage during Disrupt SF.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Mycroft AI
Mycroft is developing an open source voice assistant that interacts like a person.

Reely utilizes computer vision and deep learning to automatically detect, clip, and distribute sports highlights in real time.

Snaptrude is an intelligent CAD software for real estate which transforms a hand drawn sketch to an intelligence enabled 3D model in seconds.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

LyraVR is a music creation platform for musicians and fans to share, play, and compose in a fully interactive virtual space.

Aero Glass
Augmented Reality navigation for aircraft pilots and car drivers using Smart Glasses

HolodeckVR is using a tracking technology, which enables the user to experience a fully immersive virtual world with up to 120 persons interacting in areas as large as 40,000m2.


World’s first issue debit card , mobile topup and bill payment for 81 cryptocurrency.

Copyrobo creates an evidence for your copyrightable or patentable works to secure your rights anywhere in the world in less than 60 seconds via iOS, Android, Chrome and Web applications.

Lightyear is a Silicon Valley-based nonprofit organization that supports the Stellar network, a free, open-source network that connects diverse financial systems and lets anyone build low-cost financial services Ð payments, savings, loans, insurance Ð for their community.


Stemless Co
Stemless is the easiest way to buy cannabis from local dispensaries you know and trust. Order online, pay online, and get tracked delivery straight to your door.

Topology Eyewear
If your glasses pinch, squeeze, or slip, they don’t fit you; Topology offers premium, custom-fit glasses for the same price as stock eyewear that are custom-made to a 3D model of your face.
Freshdeal is a B2B platform for produce industry pro’s to discover new business opportunities, connect with verified partners, and grow.


Cultivate is the first enterprise platform to measure digital engagement and bias using a manager’s most common forms of communications (email, chat).

Xyber Technologies
Cooling for data centers that requires no power and has no moving parts.

Koder is a crowdsourcing software platform that brings teams of top developers to help companies build innovative apps and technology products.


WeTravel is a payment platform for travel organizers and companies to create an elegant booking page with beautiful itinerary, send it to their customers all over the world to pay deposit and balance due securely, then manage all information and financials from the trip dashboard.

ClauseMatch is an award-winning London-based financial technology company that provides software-as-a-service platform for smart document management.

Arthena is quantitative Investment in Art Assets.

Health & Biotech


Kinnos raises the standard of infectious disease decontamination with Highlight, our patent-pending additive for disinfectants that colorizes them so you can see where it’s been applied and fades in color over time to provide real-time feedback for when decontamination is done.

Teuko is the online community for lunchbox makers. It brings, all in one place, the resources to boost its users’ creativity, efficiency, collaboration and motivation.

Smart fully automatic hospital pharmacy which control process of drug distribution inside hospitals.

Media (Entertainment, Film, TC, Music, Marcom, & Gaming)

The first multimedia digital business card with in-app support for video, audio, and graphics.

Jammy Guitar
Jammy is a super-portable smart guitar that allows a user to jam along in an immersive world with a virtual band or play their favorite songs, no smartphone or tablet required.

GamerLink connects compatible gamers to create better multiplayer gaming experiences.

Privacy & Security

GuestOf is bridging real estate’s tech gap with a keyless, easily retrofitted smartphone entry solution for multifamily apartments – in a price model they’re actually comfortable with.

Built by two former SpaceX engineers, Cyph is a secure communication tool designed to be extremely friendly for users of any technical skill level, providing such features as encrypted video calling and file transfers to both individuals and businesses.’s first product, Kryptonite, is the new home for your SSH private key that never leaves your smartphone, but you can still use SSH from your computer as you normally would.

Robotics & Drones

B2B Express Deliveries. Using Drones with 1,000 mi range.

VersaBuilt Robotics
VersaBuilt has developed a manufacturing process technology that allows robots to be effective in mixed-part CNC manufacturing.

O-Robotix Inc. (DBA: SeaDrone Inc.)
At SeaDrone we are reducing subsea infrastructure inspection costs using low cost robotic hardware and mobile software to deliver a complete underwater visual inspection service saving the subsea industry billions of dollars.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. We are expecting over 500 startups at Disrupt SF over three action packed days of networking and connecting. You can find a list of the startups signed up so far here.

If you’ve got a startup and want to exhibit at Disrupt SF, you’ll want to get your your Startup Alley exhibitor package fast – we only have a limited number of tables and we will sell out. It comes with 2 general admission tickets and one day to exhibit on the show floor. And if you’re an investor who would like to meet these startups, make sure to get your general admission pass at the Early Bird rate before it expires August 18th.

Disrupt SF 2017 takes place September 18-20 at Pier 48. Hope to see you there.

For potential sponsors out there, yes, the feature pavilions are available for sponsorship. For more information, just fill out this form.