DJI Spark update introduces 180-degree selfie mode

Owners of the DJI Spark will be glad to know they now have a little more functionality with their palm-sized selfie drone.

Thanks to a software update, users will be able to get a panoramic, 180-degree photo of themselves. The drone’s 12-megapixel sensor will fly in a circle around the subject (presumably you) and stitch together 21 individual photos. Photo resolution has been improved on this little guy up to 3968×2976 pixels.

Plus, the DJI Spark will now start and stop recording with a new gesture — users simply have to raise their arm out to the side, making half of an upper-case Y with their body. Previously, users had to control video recording from their phone.

And last, but not least, DJI has made improvements to QuickShot, letting users control which circular direction the drone flies in during Circle and Helix modes. Plus, DJI is increasing the height gained during Dronie mode and smoothing out the camera’s pitch in Rocket mode.

When we reviewed the Spark back in the beginning of June, the main complaint was that it took longer than expected to get the hang of flying it. Improvements to QuickShot and gesture-based recording control may ease some of those concerns.

Spark owners can upload and install the latest firmware on their drone and remote controller starting today. Don’t forget to update the DJI GO 4 mobile app, too.