Ring adds three connected Spotlight Cams to its Floodlight Cam lineup

Connected home security device maker Ring has a growing product line – and it’s now three products bigger. Joining the Floodlight Cam the company debuted at CES this year, Ring is now also offering three Spotlight Cam variants, each of which offers a different power source option to work with a variety of potential installation scenarios and locations.

The Spotlight Cam – Wired works as you would expect from its name, by plugging physically into a power outlet via an included 20-foot cable. The Spotlight Cam – Battery includes spots for two 6,000 mAH removable, rechargeable Ring batteries (the same used on the new Ring Doorbell 2) for long-lasting power, with one automatically tapping in when the first is drained, so you can charge the first for continuous use, though only one ships in the box with the unit and you’ll have to get the second separate. The Spotlight Cam – Solar ships with a bundled Ring solar panel to power the unit’s 6,000 mAH battery.

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All the cameras feature 1080p HD cameras, 160-degree motion detection and 140-degree fields of view, with two-way audio and live streaming capabilities to your smartphone via the Ring app, along with two powerful LED light strips to illuminate what they spot when motion is detected. Each goes on sale today, July 31, with the wired version at $199 shipping in 7 – 10 days. The battery ($199) and solar ($229) versions are up for pre-order, with shipping beginning later this “fall,” per the company.

Ring’s product roadmap ramp has been impressive, with recent releases including the Floodlight camera and the second generation of their initial Wi-Fi doorbell with a swappable battery design all released already this year. It’s rare to see a hardware startup achieve this kind of product variety this quickly, in fact, so it’ll be interesting to see if Ring can keep up the momentum.