Wallflower wants to prevent cooking fires by making your stove smarter

The fire department responds to a home fire every 86 seconds, and many of those start in the kitchen.

Wallflower is a device that easily hooks into most electric stoves, between the outlet and the stove itself, to notify users if there is risk of a fire.

If the stove is on when you leave the home, the Wallflower will send a notification to the your phone to remind you to turn it off. In fact, the Wallflower learns cooking habits and notifies users if the stove is on longer than usual.

While Wallflower only works with electric stoves right now, the team is working on creating a device that will retrofit gas stoves, as well.

Most retrofit products for stoves are in the $300 to $600 range, and connected stoves are upwards of $1,500. The Wallflower costs $169 and is ready to ship now.

Wallflower joins the growing category of smart home devices, especially as it relates to safety and security. And while there are plenty of smart smoke detectors, most notably the Nest Protect, the Wallflower focuses on prevention by hooking into one of the most common sources of fire and letting you know to take action before disaster ensues.