Marketing personalization startup Dynamic Yield adds $9M to its Series C, bringing it to $31M

Dynamic Yield, which uses machine learning to help online marketers personalize customer experiences on their site, has added $9 million to its Series C, bringing it to a new total of $31 million. Its new investors are DTCP (Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners) and La Maison.

The round was first announced in December, with participation from ClalTech, Baidu, Vertex, and Bessemer Venture Partners. CEO Liad Agmon says DTCP and La Maison will help Dynamic Yield expand in Europe, just as the addition of search giant Baidu gave it a strategic partner in China.

“We extended the round by an extra $9 million to allow some strong European investors to join as well, because we are growing very fast in Europe and we want to accelerate our growth globally,” says Agmon. The company currently has more than 100 enterprise clients, including Sephora, Under Armour, and Rolling Stone.

Dynamic Yield’s tools gather data from multiple sources, including websites, mobile apps, email, and online ads, that are usually siloed, and uses it to automatically tailor the content that each customer sees based on information about their past purchases, browsing history, and geographical location. Agmon says the company will launch new features by the end of this year. While the company can’t reveal specific details, they will further automate some of the manual work marketers need to do when analyzing data for insights that will help them increase revenue.

In a prepared statement, DTCP investment partner Guy Horowitz said, “We are excited by Dynamic Yield’s strong machine learning capabilities, which allow for predictive, algorithmic user segmentation. The company has established itself as a leading full-stack solution provider for online retailers, publishers, and vendors, for which personalization has become a crucial differentiator and predictor of success.”

Dynamic Yield has now raised a total of $45 million to date.