There is no hacker called ‘Jayden K. Smith’

As a public service I’m putting up this post so when your parents message you with a warning about a hacker named “Jayden K. Smith” who “has the system connected to your Facebook account” you can easily retort with a well-argued piece of journalism.

The Jayden K. Smith message is a hoax. No hacker “has the system” connected to your Facebook account and if you follow the instructions associated with the hoax and message all of your contacts then you have been duped. Do not do it. Stop now.

Again, I repeat, there is no hacker called Jayden K. Smith. He will not hack your Facebook. The only Jayden Smith that is even remotely dangerous is this tattoo of Jaden Smith on Impractical Joker Sal Vulcano’s haunch, and even then it looks quite pleasant.

Feel free to forward this to anyone who sends you the Jayden K. Smith message. The world will thank you.