Stranger Things Season 2 arrives on Netflix on October 27

Just in time for Halloween 2017, Netflix will offer up all new episodes of its hit series Stranger Things: We now know that we’re going to get the second season episodes on October 27, confirmed via a poster shared by Netflix on Twitter depicting the show’s four protagonists staring down an ominous looking storm.

We’ve seen a trailer for the show already (embedded below) and we know that the second season happens in 1984, and includes some very direct nods to Ghostbusters. We’ve also seen that the main baddie is likely a huge, monster that threatens on a larger scale than did the beast from the original – which is pretty terrifying considering how scary that hing already was.

How can four plucky kids (and likely Eleven, too) fight a creepy trans-dimensional thing that looks like it’s the size of at least a small warehouse? Friendship, of course, but we’ll have to wait until this fall to find out what else they use to combat the terror.