Datatron raises $2.7M to help companies query real-time and historical data

Fresh out of 500 startups, Datatron has raised $2.7 million in seed financing for its data-savvy assistant, Emma. But under the somewhat trite coating of an assistant, Datatron is making it easier for employees to gather insights from the complex web of historical and real-time data.

Businesses generate hordes of data on uneven timelines. Some data is updated less frequently, like the number of Uber drivers registered in a given city. Other data is updated to the minute, like the number of active Uber drivers on standby for pickup. Combine this with the myriad other types of data and business logic and you create an intricate mesh of data that’s difficult to derive conclusions from.

Founded by Harish Doddi and Jerry Xu, Datatron helps businesses apply this data to specific use cases within traditional verticals like sales, marketing and finance. From a simplified dashboard, users can query key indicators derived from predictive models held within the platform.

Datatron originated as a platform solution for enterprises — performing real-time feature extraction and data cleansing to speed up the process by which insights can be derived from data. In recent months, the company added the aforementioned means of top-level interaction to open up the power of the platform to a wider audience.

One of the system’s early optimizations is for sales — helping teams quickly evaluate leads and determine where to spend their precious time and resources. Datatron ships with key integrations for platforms like Zuora, Salesforce, Marketo and Zendesk.

The company has raised capital from Start X, Credence Partners, Authentic Ventures, Enspire Partners, Plug and Play and 500 Startups, and says it’s already working with a number of early customers.