See you tomorrow in Warsaw

We’re holding a micro-meetup tomorrow in Warsaw. We’ll be holding it at Campus Warsaw, 33C Ząbkowska, 03-736 Warszawa, Poland. The fun starts at 6pm and ends at 8pm with some after-event drinks nearby. Much merriment will be had.

Please RSVP here. Space is limited, so make sure to join us early.

The companies pitching are UnitDoseOne,AtticLab, Dronnest, DeepBrand,Vocapouch, Cardiomo, Sense, Dollarro, Cutbay, UNYTE, and Duly.

Thanks to Ahmad Piraiee for help planning the event and for Campus Warsaw for supplying the pizza. The savvy among you will note that I’ve been posting pictures of OTHER Polish cities here instead of Warsaw. Name them all for me when we meet and I’ll buy you a (free) beer.