Watch the trailer for Penny Arcade’s live action Automata sci-fi noir series


If you follow long-running video game focused comic series Penny Arcade, then you’re probably aware that they occasionally take breaks from the regular strip to create mini-series. One of those is Automata, a sci-fi film noir detective story about a hardboiled human sleuth and his robot partner.

Penny Arcade ran a Kickstarter to fund the creation of a live action series based on the Automata world and story, and now the first trailer for said series has arrived. It looks true to the original art created by PA’s Mike Krahulik, and the CG robots (including the lead character, portrayed by Doug Jones of Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy fame) blend interestingly with the human actors.

The series takes place in a fictional alternate reality 1930s universe, where automatons and humans share the same world. The five episode series is available to download now for its Kickstarter backers, following the successful campaign to fund the project that wrapped up in 2015. General release details should be available son.