Watch Microsoft Accelerator’s Tel Aviv demo day right here

TechCrunch is pleased to offer Microsoft Accelerator’s Tel Aviv demo day event today at 6:30 p.m. local time, 8:30 a.m. PST.

The Microsoft Accelerator is an immersive three- to six-month program aimed at helping entrepreneurs get through the challenges of building a company, finding customers and scaling to global markets. There are seven accelerators located around the world, from Seattle to Beijing, from Berlin to Tel-Aviv. Programs have a focus on enterprise startups; this event in Tel Aviv showcases financial services, fitness, education and more.

Investors and press will hear pitches from 11 companies. Each team will have two minutes to present their business followed by questions from the moderator and then a question from the audience. You can watch it right here.

BitDam is the ultimate solution against targeted attacks hidden in malicious files and web content. BitDam seals off vulnerabilities in business applications by learning the applications legitimate execution and eliminating any execution of alien code, in real time and before it penetrates the organization.

BrandTotal provides you accurate actionable intelligence about the “dark” (=targeted) activity of your competition’s marketing campaigns and reverse engineers your competition’s marketing strategy.

Capitalise applies natural language to turn investment ideas into auto-executable, back-tested and optimized investment strategies.

Connecteam is a mobile engagement hub that allows teams to collaborate, communicate and run operations.

Emedgene empowers geneticists to diagnose complex genetic conditions at the point of care. We utilize artificial intelligence and novel scientific methodologies to automatically identify unique mutations, and help shorten the diagnosis odyssey.‘s conversational UI and Chatbots allow large brands to have personalized and meaningful conversations that increase sales, engagement and customer loyalty.

Luminate secures corporate IT applications and services, helping to understand how users interact with them and gain unparalleled governance over these interactions.

Personity turns users’ online footprint into an authentic professional personality assessment. Currently, Personity focuses on helping enterprises cut cost and time of recruiting via a personality based screening solution.

Sepio Systems helps organizations protect themselves against the use of malicious peripheral devices as attack vehicles. While any peripheral device such as a keyboard may pose a significant threat to the corporation, security teams need the capability to detect threats and enforce security policies.

Upsolver is a no-SQL DB utilizing the cloud to deliver breakthrough performance and simplicity. It allows developers to change their DB at the same pace they change their code, for any scale and in real-time.

Visual Factories develops and markets the Performance Improvement Management system for improving industrial efficiency. This Industry 4.0 solution answers manufacturing companies’ needs for real time measuring and optimizing of their production and operations processes.