Snapchat now lets you create custom geofilters right in the app

Snapchat introduced a way to create custom geofilters back in February of last year, and now it’s making the feature easier to use. U.S. Snapchat users can now create and submit custom filters directly in the app, rather than having to go to the studio website to make their custom filter.

The mobile creative studio is now located in settings, under a menu item called “On-Demand Geofilters,” and it allows you to pick from a list of pre-set occasions, select a template and edit to customize using text, Bitmojis, and Snapchat’s Sticker library, too. You specify the time and the location where you want it to be available, defining the area on a map, and then submit the design for Snapchat approval.

Payment for the filter feature is also run entirely in-app, once the review process is complete (which typically takes about a day) on both iOS and Android. You’ll get a push notification on your device once the filter goes live. Price for custom geofilters kicks off at $5.99, and runs up from there depending on different factors like how large the area it covers is, and how long a period you want it to run for.

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Snap says this feature is designed for everyday Snapchatters, and that businesses that want to get the most out of custom geofilters should continue to use the web-based studio option. But the company also says that “tens of thousands” of custom filters are being made every day using their existing tool, so they’re clearly hoping that number grows even larger with easier access to the creation tool.

On the consumer side this is mostly just a fun thing you can do for weddings, birthdays and more, but Snap still provides analytics including total swipes, uses of the filter and the number of views across the campaign via a dashboard for geofilter purchasers.

While On-Demand Geofilters are available in a number of markets via the web, the in-app creation tool is debuting only in the U.S., with plans to expand to additional markets where they’re offered on the web over time.