ChargePoint takes over GE charging stations

ChargePoint announced that it will become the exclusive operator of all of GE‘s electric charging stations, which means nearly 10,000 places to plug in will be transferred to the new company’s management. That total adds 1,800 commercial charging stations and 8,000 residential chargers to ChargePoint’s already huge network.

Not that existing users will notice much difference at first. ChargePoint said that it will maintain the existing software and commercial chargers to make the transition easier on those who’ve been using the system already. Users will get immediate access to ChargePoint‘s tools for finding charging stations when daring to drive outside your regular route and to track your usage.

Since ChargePoint builds the hardware and software and then sells it to station owners, it doesn’t actually own any of these charging stations — not even the new GE spots. But those GE owners will be able to use ChargePoint’s access controls for their existing stations, as well as having the ability to set their pricing charges. ChargePoint will also honor GE warranties on the chargers.

GE, a century-old company, manufactured WattStation and DuraStation chargers for residential and commercial use. They’ll all be added to the massive network operated by ChargePoint, a decade-old startup.