Nissan’s ProPILOT driver assist features coming to the new LEAF EV

Nissan will be bringing its ProPILOT Assist ADAS features to the brand new Nissan LEAF, the redesigned version of its pioneering EV, which is still “coming soon” and mostly still a secret. We do, however, expect it to have around 200 miles of range on some models, which is more than double the current version.

The ProPILOT features will provide semi-autonomous acceleration, braking and steering features while driving in single-lane settings on highways. It’s a feature that debuted first on Nissan vehicles in Japan, and the LEAF marks the first time it’ll make its way beyond the company’s home country.

Nissan’s ProPILOT tech is its effort to build out to full autonomy eventually, with the end goal being a system that can navigate even busy city intersections as well as stretches of relatively uncomplicated open road. In this stage, it’s like a more limited version of Tesla’s Autopilot, but it’s still a step towards greater autonomy on consumer shipping vehicles.