Equity podcast: Uber’s shakeup and Pandora’s new tune

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where each week we discuss other people’s copious dollars and lacking sense.

This week, Katie Roof, Matthew Lynley and I — Alex Wilhelm — were lucky enough to have Charles Hudson join our little crew. Hudson is both a managing partner at Precursor and a venture partner at SoftTech.

The week was busy. We started with a quick unpacking of the Uber situation, including the exit of its executives, its CEO’s temporary departure, the loss of a board member of a sexist joke, and more. It’s Uber’s world in a way, and we are stuck in it.

Uber aside, tech stocks were on our minds, as a number of firms in the industry skated up and down last week. Notably, Hudson claims that among the venture class, chatter isn’t overly negative. We also almost coin the phrase “SaaS crash.” You are welcome.

Also on the docket? Houzz raises the roof with a thick sheaf of crisp bills. And Pandora got a cash infusion from a terrestrial, satellite shop. We had fun this week; catch you all next Friday morning.

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