Take a look at these first pictures of Fisker’s $130K EMotion electric car

Henrik Fisker, who’s been teasing his new electric vehicle company after a stutter step first attempt with the original Fisker co. and the Karma, is back with the EMotion, the first car from Fisker Inc. The EMotion gets its first official eyes-on today via photos, not renders, that show us the vehicle in the aluminum and carbon fiber, finally.

The car also gets its official pricing for the first time: $129,900 to start, which is in line with the ‘north of $100K’ pricing info we’d been hearing. That price includes an “ultra-large” battery pack, which makes possible its 400+ mile electric range, and upper speed of 161 mph.

Fisker Inc. still isn’t looking to ship this car before 2019, but as you can see, it’s come a long way in terms of industrial design. Pre-orders kick off on June 30, too, with more details to be revealed this month in order to drum up interest from those willing to put down some early cash.

Here’s what we do know about the car now, from the company itself: It’s built using carbon fiber and aluminum, has a patented, unique “frontal crash structure” designed to boost safety, uses carbon fiber and aluminum wheels for decreased mass and higher range, and uses patented fast charge tech to achieve 100 miles of range in nine minutes. It also has a healthy selection on onboard sensors, including LiDAR and mirror cameras that enable 360-degree optical sensing. Fisker is teaming up with The Hybrid Shop to offer customers white glove service, too, the company says.

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Danish-born Fisker originally helped design a range of iconic cars including the Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Vantage. Fisker’s design firm also contributed to the original design of the Tesla Model S, before he began his own EV company called Fisker Automotive. That company eventually fizzled due to bankruptcy and sold to Chinese auto parts firm Wanxiang, where it was rebranded as Karma Automotive.

Fisker, Inc. is a completely new, separate entity, but it’s hard not to consider its founder’s last attempt at building an EV company when considering its chances. Still, the design chops are solid, so more than a few car and EV buffs out there will be watching to see the Emotion’s full reveal.