Take a closer look at Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Xbox dev kit ahead of E3

We don’t have to wait too long to see Microsoft’s Project Scorpio as it will ship to consumers, and we’ve already seen the developer hardware being used to get software ready for the console being unveiled in full at E3. But in case you wanted an appetizer ahead of the official show next week, take a look at this Microsoft-produced look at the Scorpio dev kit.

This details a number of features for the dev kit, including an extra networking port just for developer use, as well as a dongle that hangs off the back to help you transfer pre-release builds from PC to console incredibly fast thanks to special high-throughput hardwired I/O. We also get a better look at that front-facing on-console display, which helps devs make small changes very quickly.

Take a look above and get ready; this should be the console to beat all consoles once it finally ships out to consumers.