Instagram celebrates Pride Month with a very rainbowy sticker set

There is no such thing as too many rainbows. For LGBTQ Pride Month, Instagram is rolling out a special set of pride-flavored features, including a sticker set (Instagram has stickers now, you’ve probably noticed) and a rainbow brush. The sticker set includes a swoopy-banged person holding a rainbow aloft, a cute trans flag/heart situation and a rainbow megaphone for when you need to metaphorically shout assorted gay things from within your Instagram story.

Once you post a sticker to your story, it becomes clickable with a pop-up link to the #pride2017 Instagram hashtag and a little shout-out to the creator. In this instance, all of the creators are LGBTQ artists, which thank goodness. The rainbow brush button now lives next to the regular drawing tools and, predictably, it creates rainbows. Did I mention you can never have too many rainbows?

Instagram is also launching an international mural project where it will transform walls around the world into selfie-friendly rainbow art projects, starting with the Paul Smith wall in Los Angeles.

This is the part for the necessary disclaimer about how topical product features don’t always mean that a company (or its parent company) does the work to pursue the deeper parts of an LGBTQ-inclusive agenda, a message worth remembering as we sail swiftly into the ever-corporate seas of Pride Month. Still, rainbows are definitely better than no rainbows and visibility remains an important piece of the progress puzzle.