Oculus adds Chromecast streaming support for the Gear VR

Oculus is still trying to show people what virtual reality is like when they aren’t the ones wearing the headsets.

In March, the company introduced Facebook live-streaming to the platform, and today, the company is making it even easier for you to locally share your experiences inside the Gear VR with those around you thanks to added support for Google Chromecast.

The Chromecast support is only for the Gear VR at this point, so no dice for Rift users though it’s pretty much how the Rift already works with an attached computer monitor.

This definitely isn’t going to become a huge new use case or anything but making it easier for people to see a live feed of your screen, even in 2D, makes it more simple for large groups to see what’s happening on Gear VR which is perfect for showing it to a bunch of friends or, more likely, demoing something in front of a crowd.