Far Cry 5’s launch trailer gives us a first look at its rural U.S. setting

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kdaoe4hbMso&w=680&h=383]

Far Cry 5 developer Ubisoft is playing with fire – hellfire, that is, as it sometimes arises in America’s more backwater regions. The Montana setting for the forthcoming Far Cry game is a very different type of locale for the series, which typically features tropical destinations as the backdrop for its super violent action-packed gameplay.

This trailer reveals that not only will Far Cry 5 occur in a setting much closer to home for Americans, it’ll also deal with issues that are very central to current affairs. As the game’s hero, you’ll be taking on leadership of a resistance opposing a fanatical religious cult, which, based on the trailer above, takes considerable inspiration from fundamentalist Christian communities. One might say it has certain… documentary qualities.

Far Cry: Primal pushed the envelope in a very different way, taking away players’ guns and throwing them back to the beginning of human civilization. Far Cry 5 looks like it could incense and alienate an entire group of gamers – ironically the same that might be irate about having their guns taken away IRL. But it also looks interesting as hell, and that’s bound to keep the attention of franchise fans, politics aside.