How culinary school and gaming helped former teacher Mannah Kallon land a career in coding

It was Mannah Kallon’s love for food and gaming that ignited the former chef’s career in coding.

During culinary school and on a tour of the South (which he’ll discuss in our latest episode of breaking into startups), the longtime gamer played A LOT of video games and even taught himself how to make an one that could potentially get kids excited about learning Math.

The onetime culinary school attendee, became excited about prospects in education and embarked on a career teaching in New York’s famous Harlem neighborhood. Other educators at the school wanted to learn his secrets for getting students excited about math.

Their interest sparked his own passion for coding and gave him the insight that his Philosophy major and passion for symbolic logic, could be put to a different use in the technology industry.

So Kallon left education behind, became the coder he wanted to be by taking classes at DevBootcamp and took a job at the personal shopping and style service, Stitch Fix.

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