Trello brings its Power-Up extensions to mobile

Trello, the lightweight project management service Atlassian acquired for $425 million earlier this year, is finally bringing its extensions (or “Power-Ups” in Trello’s parlance) to both its iOS and Android apps. For now, though, only two Power-Ups are available in Trello mobile: the calendar and voting extensions.

Hamid Palo, Trello’s director of product and partnerships, told me that support for Power-Ups was the second most requested feature from Trello’s mobile users (the first was support for an offline mode). “Now that offline sync is done, we’re taking a similar approach for Power-Ups on mobile,” Palo said. “We think deeply about how people whose only computer is a phone experience — and we want to make sure to get it right. This is a lot more work than simply porting features from web down like a lot of companies do.”

It’s worth noting that the team didn’t just port its existing code to enable this feature. “We rewrote it all to be fully native,” Palo said. “As we bring more of the platform [to mobile] we’ll be taking the same approach. The only way to deliver a quality experience in an app like Trello is to do it all natively.”

Trello says its mobile apps have seen about 10 million mobile downloads to date. These users can now enable these new extensions for their Trello boards right from mobile, too (users on free accounts can enable one Power-Up per board).

The team plans to bring support for more Power-Ups to mobile over time.