Equity podcast: Where did Snap’s market cap go, and why does Josh Elman like grammar?

Welcome back to another episode of Equity, TechCrunch’s weekly podcast focused on finding the humor in money.

This week, our own Katie Roof, Matthew Lynley and Alex Wilhelm, along with Greylock’s Josh Elman huddled in the SoMa studio right after a certain earnings report. We recorded a day early this week, as a full 66 percent of the core cast had Thursday morning flights.

Guess where.

Regardless, we talked about the week’s big mistakes stories, including Snap’s dramatic share price decline following its first quarter earnings. The report, its first as a public company, missed on revenue, profit and active users.

And we hit on the rest of the week’s troubled waters, detailing what happened to Yelp’s own share price, and why Pandora is telling the market to buy it now or wait a moment. On a happier note, we touched on a profitable company’s recent mega-raise.

Don’t forget that next week we are taping live from Disrupt. Please feel free to come and heckle us Wednesday at around 2 pm ET.

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