Microsoft’s HoloLens will come to China later this month

HoloLens, Microsoft’s advanced “mixed reality” headset, will launch in China later this month, making it the tenth market for the device.

While some pundits expected that Microsoft would launch a new version of the HoloLens at its Build developer conference this week, it doesn’t look like that’s happening. The current version of the HoloLens started shipping to developers last March¬†and it first demoed it long before that. The current version still suffers from a limited field of view, though in my experience, that actually becomes less of an issue the longer you use it.

Instead of announcing a new version, though, the company put the focus on the more VR-like “mixed reality” headsets from partners like Acer. It also showed off a reference design for its mixed-reality controllers.

For Microsoft, building this ecosystem of mixed-reality applications and devices is currently a major priority. Microsoft’s Alex Kipman noted in his Build keynote today that the company wants Windows 10 to be the best operating system for mixed reality, and it’s¬†investing heavily in supporting VR, AR and mixed reality in its flagship operating system.