Huzzah, Visual Studio for Mac is now available to all

After a few months in preview form, Visual Studio for Mac is now officially officially available. This version of Microsoft’s flagship development tool is based on the cross-platform IDE from Xamarin, which it acquired last March.

This isn’t much of a surprise, of course: the plan all along, as explained at last year’s Build, has been to weave Xamarin into the Visual Studio family at just about every level. But some may still be reeling at the fact that Visual Studio really and truly is available for macOS.

You’ll be able to build native mobile, Windows, and Mac apps, in Visual Studio, on your Mac. Some people are probably in denial about this so I’m repeating this just for them.

Microsoft has given it a hot Azure infusion so it’s compatible with all the new cloud infrastructure being announced today, but other than that there isn’t much to say. Head over to the Visual Studio site to grab the release version.