Really, Nintendo, people want a smaller, travel-friendly dock for the Switch

People really seem to want a smaller, lighter dock for the Nintendo Switch. One that’ll let you hook a Switch up to a TV while on the road without wasting suitcase real estate with the brick-sized, mostly-air-inside dock that comes in the box.

Last week I wrote about a travel dock one DIYer made for himself by gutting and rebuilding the original dock, and the number of people that wrote in asking for more details was crazy high. So the interest definitely seems to be there.

But there’s still no good off-the-shelf solution, so the folks at home continue to iterate on the idea for themselves.

A few days after my previous post went live, reader billyjo182 sent in his take on the porta-dock concept.

Like the other build, this mini-dock borrows the guts of Nintendo’s dock as its core, effectively Frankensteining its bits into a new arrangement within a 3D printed shell that sheds much of the extra space. In fact, this one salvages a bit more of the original Dock, including using the Dock’s own pop-out USB-C connector (instead of using an additional detachable USB-C cable) so one can just plop the Switch down and go. A small hump on top of the dock props the Switch up at the right angle to avoid putting too much stress on the connection.

Each approach has its own strengths, but the overall message is the same: there’s a way to do this, and Switch owners seem to want it.

Here’s a few more pics of the dock they sent over: