Inside Intel’s new Autonomous Driving Garage

Intel opened a new Autonomous Driving Garage in San Jose this week, and the facility’s launch gave us an inside look at the kinds of projects the chipmaker is focused on with its driverless business. The relatively young business unit is already doing a lot, from HD mapping, to better wireless connectivity standards, to human machine interaction models, and beyond.

We got the chance to take a first-hand look at a number of these projects, and to speak to Intel execs including its SVP of autonomous driving, Doug Davis, and its head of Artificial Intelligence, Naveen Rao. They provided us some insight into the work Intel is doing, and how it’s working with partners including Delphi to make self-driving a practical, every day reality.

Intel’s new facility is deep in the heart of the autonomous driving and AI tech hub in Silicon Valley, which gives the company better access to partners and potential users of its tech. Intel clearly wants to be a key player in the forthcoming autonomous driving revolution, and this new center should definitely help with that.