Windows 10 S laptops will start at $189 and ship this summer

Microsoft’s answer to Chrome OS is called Windows 10 S. This new operating system is a streamlined and secured version of Windows 10. It runs sandboxed apps and doesn’t require expensive hardware.

And this is where Microsoft shines as it can talk with all major PC OEMs to convince them to build Windows 10 S devices. The company announced that Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Samsung and Toshiba are all working on Windows 10 S devices.

Entry-level Windows 10 S devices will start at $189, which should help convince schools when it comes to buying a ton of laptops for their students.

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These devices come with a free one-year subscription of Minecraft: Education Edition. But that’s not all. Office 365 online apps will also be free for both students and teachers.

Windows 10 S devices will ship this summer, just in time for the new school year. Schools will be able to download Windows 10 S for free if they want to upgrade older devices to Windows 10 S. Let’s see if this will be enough to compete with Google in the education space.