Meet four of the startups in the Founder Spotlight at TC Disrupt NY

At Disrupt NY in May, we’re launching the Founder Spotlight, where startup founders will be able to tell the human story behind their company.

We’ve already revealed a handful of those companies, and today we’re excited to tell you about the rest of them.

Bowery Farming

Bowery Farming is a startup looking to change the way we grow food. With the global population growing, and extreme weather and pollution threatening outdoor agriculture, Bowery Farming uses vertical, indoor farms to grow food in an efficient, clean and sustainable fashion. With a combination of robotics, LED lighting, computer vision, sensors and data analytics, Bowery grows leafy greens with no pesticides 365 days a year, producing 100 times more leafy greens than an outdoor farm and using 95 percent less water. Bowery has raised a total of $7.5 million.


Button has made a name for itself by flying under the radar. The technology allows app makers to integrate with other apps in a meaningful way. Publishers, who tend to have large audiences with easily detectable intent, can send those users to apps that sell products and services to both serve the user and drive conversions. Button also has a marketplace where both publishers and service providers can handles these integrations on their own. The company has raised nearly $35 million since launch.

Function of Beauty

Launching out of Y Combinator in 2015, Function of Beauty looks to add real personalization to hair care products. Taking into account a user’s hair profile and hair goals, Function of Beauty creates truly unique shampoo and conditioner. The company says its algorithm is able to deliver up to 12 billion custom ingredient combinations. This spring, Function of Beauty launched a pop-up shop in NYC and plans to offer a permanent retail store in the coming months. FoB has raised $12 million in funding.


Finding a job just out of college is daunting for most students. But WayUp, a platform that connects employers and college students, has made that process easier for all parties involved. WayUp lets students create their own profile, including their interests, skills, achievements, etc. and then lets employers unlock those profiles based on the position they’re trying to fill. WayUp has raised $27.5 million since it launched.

The Founder Spotlight is one of many exciting things taking place on the Disrupt NY stage. You can check out the full agenda here. And you can pick up a ticket to the conference here.

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