Take a look at the first boring machine for Elon Musk’s Boring Company

Elon Musk’s tunnel boring company still isn’t quite as well-articulated as his other three companies, which include the well-established SpaceX and Tesla, as well as the newly minted Neurolink brain interface company. The Boring Company has by far the punniest name, however, and now it also has some branded hardware — an industrial tunnel boring machine emblazoned with the company’s non-nonsense logo.

A SpaceX engineer posted to his Instagram page an image of The Boring Company’s big tubular tunnel digger (spotted by Business Insider), and the cylindrical beast makes it very clear that Musk is serious about his plan to wind networks of tunnels under dense urban development to help alleviate traffic and also give Hyperloop transit systems somewhere to run.


Musk’s plan involves his typical MO — identifying an area where legacy incumbents are not doing much in the way of innovating, and instead are making good bank using legacy tech on plus-cost contracts with customers that have deep pockets, including the government. Musk told Bloomberg in February that he believes there’s more potential in digging down under cities than in trying to build networks of flying vehicles to exploit the air above them, as Uber is seeking to do, in terms of both technical advancement required and regulatory roadblocks.