Two new Loog guitars let your toddler shout at the devil

Loog is a New York-based guitar company run by a music teacher named Rafael Atijas. These three-string guitars are designed for kids as young as 3 years old and they make guitar easy and fun – at least according to my kids who played with them when they were much younger.

The new models are called the Mini for ages 3 and older and the Pro for ages 8 and older. The Mini is a smaller, ukulele-sized acoustic guitar while the Pro comes in an acoustic model or a fully electric hellbeast that can turn your first grader into Nikki Sixx (or John Mayer) with a little practice and some pyrotechnics.

Atijas just started his Kickstarter and will ship the guitars in June. They come pre-assembled and are ready to rock out of the box.

“When I was 12 I decided I wanted to be in a band. But I had no idea how to play guitar and i actually thought ‘I’m too old … it will take me forever to learn how to play guitar… I’d better pick up the bass, since it has fewer strings and should be easier/faster to learn.’ I guess that was really the beginning of Loog Guitars,” said Atijas. From that rose his desire to make an easier and smaller guitar for kids that, like the four-string bass, was easier to learn.

“Most guitars for children and beginners are just cheap, crappy guitars. Our guitars are well-designed and meant to make it fun and easy for anyone to play music,” he said.

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The guitar comes with an app and flash cards that lets you learn chords immediately. The guitars come in multiple colors and the Mini starts at $59 and the electric Pro costs $159. He’s also selling an acoustic Pro for $129.

If you have kids and they want to learn how to take on the devil when he goes down to Georgia or make their guitar gently weep this is the way to do it.