Watch Uber’s Elevate electric VTOL summit live right here

Uber’s Elevate summit, which brings together experts in the vertical take-off and landing industry, is happening in Dallas, Texas starting today and continuing through tomorrow. The conference includes a number of sessions, with participation from experts from some of the largest aeronautics companies in the world, as well as regulators and leading academics.

Basically, if you’re looking for a ‘state of the VTOL’ summary snapshot for 2017, this will be your best possible chance to get it all in one place. The opportunities for electric VTOL craft include building on-demand, fast, efficient transit networks of essentially flying cars for use in dense, urban environments, and Uber wants to encourage everyone to focus on making it a reality from a hardware and vehicle standpoint, so that Uber can provide the ride hailing infrastructure and software to make it run.

The Summit begins with a keynote at 11 AM EST (10 AM CST or 8 AM PST), though they appear to be running a bit behind schedule, so you can tune in now.