Tune in for the The Duke Of York’s live Pitch @ Palace annual event right here

The Duke Of York’s Pitch@Palace event is now a regular annual fixture in the London startup scene, and TechCrunch is delighted to live stream the pitches of the teams Pitch@Palace has selected from its events throughout the year.

Today you can watch the event being broadcast live right here from 17.40 London time or 09.40 SF time.

Today is the final event of Pitch@Palace 7.0, following a tour of other cities including Sunderland, Birmingham and Cardiff. All 43 Entrepreneurs Pitched at their Boot Camp at the University of Nottingham where judges selected 12 of the 43 Entrepreneurs to Pitch at St. James’s Palace tonight.

You can join in on social media using the hashtag #pitchatpalace or follow on @PitchatPalace or @TheDukeOfYork.

Each of the Pitching Entrepreneurs will have three minutes to pitch and The Duke of York will announce the winners.

The startups pitching are:

BLINK redefines communication between pedestrians and autonomous vehicles. Blink is a communications device that interprets the hand gestures of people on the road.

CENTURY Tech uses AI technology to engage learners with a personalised learning experience, whilst empowering educators with real-time data insights.

Smartify uses advanced image recognition technology and allows users to instantly access information about an artwork.

Limitless Travel
Limitless Travel enables travel for people with disabilities by harnessing the power of technology to make the world accessible.

Oxford Heartbeat
Oxford Heartbeat makes cardiovascular surgery more accurate and safe. It enables clinicians to rehearse surgeries to choose the best option for each patient.

BrainWaveBank has built a FitBit for the brain that allows you to track your brain’s health on a daily basis through the use of innovative brain-reading technologies.

Open Bionics
Open Bionics turns children with limb differences into bionic superheroes.

Desolenator is a 100% solar-powered technology which transforms sea water and contaminated water into low cost drinking water.

SafetyNet Technologies
SafetyNet Technologies can lower “by-catch” by 90% saving fish, helping fishermen, and protecting an essential food source now and for the future.

Tech Will Save Us
Tech Will Save Us believes kids are smart and that their toys should be too. The multi-award winning “build it yourself” toys and digital tools help children make, play, code and invent.

TryLife creates interactive films that allow users to make life choices on behalf of film characters and see the consequences of their actions.

CAERvest saves lives from heatstroke and other pathologies by rapidly lowering body temperature. It is a unique device with multiple patents pending.